Baja Blues Fest - The Cause

Kayak for Kids is a fundraising project of the Baja Blues Fest Organization, a non-profit corporation benefiting children’s charities in Baja California, Mexico.

Three-Fold purpose

  • The first purpose of Baja Blues Fest is to do fundraising and to help other organizations do fundraising for local qualifying charitable organizations that support children in Baja California.
  • Secondly we are acting to expand the cultural activities of our area to help promote Northern Baja as a safe and fun place to visit.
  • Thirdly we are working to bring the people of the Rosarito Municipality from its northern borders to its southern borders to share their ideas and events to become a stronger self-supporting municipality.

Mission Statement

Baja Blues Fest Organization's mission is to raise funds and assist in fundraisers for the wellbeing and education of Baja Children while promoting Baja California Norte as a safe and fun place to visit while bringing the residents from the northern and to the southern boundaries of our Rosarito Municipalities together, sharing our efforts, ideas and events.

Baja Blues Fest Activity

Our activity is to organize and promote events related to music, art and culture to raise the level of public awareness to the needs of various children’s charities such as; orphanages, reading programs, scholarship organizations and to assist with the payment of utility bills, medical needs, clothing and furniture needs in and during building expansions.

Baja Blues Fest Organization

We are governed by a board of directors.  To contact them please use the information below:

PO Box 189010 #390
Coronado, CA  92178
Fax Mex 01-661-614-0514
Fax Toll Free USA 1-866-920-4724
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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